Our Leadership Fundamentals enable you to provide professional development to groups of 15-40 people at a time. You can disseminate valuable management skills throughout your organization by bringing us in regularly or for a single event. All Pegasus programs are lively, highly participative and provide your staff with tools that they can use immediately. We are also adept at developing original material to meet the specific needs of your organization.

We offer half day and full day programs that will raise the bar for your staff around a broad range of leadership skills. Topics include:

The Challenge of Leadership.

How do extraordinary leaders translate values into actions, turn visions into organizational realities and gain the necessary momentum to overcome resistance and move teams and organizations forward? This workshop provides your leaders and high potentials with tools to lead with more conviction, confidence and success.

Managing through Change.

The business world is a place of constant change where mergers, layoffs and restructuring are regular occurrences. This workshop is designed to give managers strategies and tools for helping employees embrace these new situations so that the organization can move forward successfully.

Enhancing Communication Skills.

Poor communication is the root cause of countless problems and leads to misunderstood objectives, tensions and frustrations between employees, grandstanding, turf battles and ultimately to poor decisions. This workshop shares a wide range of speaking and listening skills that are essential in any endeavor where two or more people are present.

Decision Making & Decision Tools.

This workshop helps your staff make better decisions. What comprises a good decision? What is a decision frame and how can you best set the purpose, perspective and scope of a decision? Which voices are essential to hear in a given decision? What styles of decision making work best for teams? What decision traps should leaders be alert to? What decision tools are most effective for a given decision?

Dealing with Difficult People.

Most teams have a team member or two who are destructive to team cohesion, productivity and happiness. Dealing with team jerks, team blowhards, team brats and team martyrs

is at the core of this program. Teams cannot thrive so long as behavior problems are hijacking process and performance.

Developing Emotional Intelligence.

Studies show that emotional intelligence (EQ) is twice as important as IQ as a driver of outstanding performance. In this training we look at the five components of Emotional Intelligence at Work: Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skill. The BarOn EQi Emotional Intelligence assessment is administered to each participant prior to the workshop dates so that each individual can understand his own EQ profile.

Leading High-Impact Teams.

High Impact Teams produce high quality results, on time. Members are mutually accountable for the team’s success and support each other in removing obstacles. A true hallmark of extraordinary teams is that they enjoy each other and the process of teaming. This training shares the top 10 practices successful teams rely on.

The Art of Effective Brainstorming.

Fresh, inspired thinking can be a rare commodity as we grind away at the same problems using the same minds and tools. In this training we practice a host of brainstorming tools that your staff can put to use immediately.

DISC workshop.

When we each understand ourselves-our strengths, values and what environments enable our best performance — real success is possible. The DISC workshop focuses on our individual behavioral styles, the impact of our style on others, and how we can adapt for better outcomes with people whose styles are quite different. The DISC assessment is administered in advance to each participant. This is a superb workshop for teams and a productive way to bring a new group of people together at the launch of a new initiative.